Cold Winter?... Our five hot tips will help you!

Cold Winter?... Our five hot tips will help you!

1. Warm up your car at least 30 seconds: If your car is older than 5 years, this tip is particularly useful. Those models with a starter motor are better to warm up the engine for at least 30 seconds letting the fluids balanced, then drive slowly for 1 to 5 minutes, you can take it easy! For the latest models (new technology), it is not necessary to warm up the engine, but you can still do it if that makes sense to you and want to keep the careful-motorist culture.

2. Check the condition of your front and rear wiper blades: Winter is well-known for its rainy days, which is why you should look at your front and rear wiper blades, it is better to change them if there are worn bits, rust, any damage, or gaps. You know what people say, safe car, safe life.

3. Keep your petrol tank full: Cold nights and mornings are bad if your petrol tank is not full as the mercury drops and the condensed air can freeze up the fuel, therefore you will not be able to start your car. So, it is better to fill up the tank, which means there would not be condensation signs and you can keep your way with no trouble.

4. Check the tyre pressure and condition regularly: Tyres are especially important for cars; they are like shoes that protect your feet. That said, you should check the pressure and the condition before hitting the road, you know, it is better to be safe!. 

5.Turn on your ESC: Nowadays, Electronic Stability Control is mandatory and a safety feature that you should always turn on when you drive. As you may know, it works simultaneously with the braking system detecting when cars can lose control as well as stabilize it on slippery roads. For this reason, do not forget to check if your ESC is continuously on. 

Please check on the AA motoring to get more detailed information about this car feature. 

Finally, it is important to check your braking system, headlights, fluids, and your repair kit if you have a flat tyre. These tips will be useful to protect yourself and your passengers for winter driving. 

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Posted: Saturday 24 July 2021