The concept that has not changed for 19 years!

The concept that has not changed for 19 years!

In 2002 was born the car that is considered one of the most convenient for cargo. Not to mention that the new generation brings the comfort that you need for your family. Meet the Toyota Probox, the model that has been running without changing its basic concept in the world. That said, the car features, size information, and usage will be mentioned for you to meet the charm of the Toyota professional box (PROBOX).

Naturally, the Probox’ shape is one of the main characteristics of this model. The elongated square shape is aimed for good style and gives priority to the working/luggage area. There are so many good reasons why you will enjoy this car whenever you buy one such as the stylish & lift car face, the great front light design, a supportive driver seat shape, and spacious boot.

The Probox first generation from 2002 to 2014 has come with basic elements, however, the second generation from 2014 onwards shows the improvements made by Toyota. In consequence, sub models such as GL, F/Top Spec, and DX Comfort have brought numerous features.

Moving into the room, newer models have a more comfortable and greater seat shape, a secure place for your A4 documents, and a retractable tray that can hold a laptop. Also, a phone holder that can have easy access to the USB plug-in to charge your mobile phone, what a bonus huh. Moreover, a completely flat floor surface is the result when tilting and fold the back seat.

Nonetheless, the engine size attracts the attention of the buyers because of the impressive fuel efficiency and good performance on the road for a 1,300cc or 1,500cc. The 4 cylinders in line and the 4WD added to some sub-models make the Probox even more charming.  

The versatility and reliability need to be highlighted hence the new safety features that come along with some of the latest models. Toyota Safety sense includes lane keep assistant, pre-collision alert and reversing camera. 

Car Size Description

In addition to the interior and external features, there is space to highlight the car size for those who look for a spacious and useful car, no matter if you are camping or working. That said, a room length of 1810mm from the front seats to the boot door, a length of 1040mm from the rear seat to the boot door, a total room height of 935mm, and a total room width of 1420mm, these dimensions remain the same since the first model in the market. 

Oh! do not forget the carrying capacity, a maximum of 400kg. 

A Business Car

The Toyota Probox can be named as the perfect business partner. Its carrying capacity, space, easy maintenance, and a comfortable way to load things in the car, make this model very attractive to business owners. This light commercial van is ready to support your painting, cleaning services, electric or food distribution business. It is a valuable vehicle that will reward you. 

Moreover, the wide visibility around the car will give confidence to your drivers. Also, if you have a company that asks you for a pure white car Probox is the one, or even you need a pearl white or silver colour, this Toyota is the one. 

Stop looking for the perfect car, it does not exist but keep looking for the versatile and useful one, it exists!.

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Posted: Thursday 9 September 2021