A family car for this summer’s road trip

A family car for this summer’s road trip

Spring has sprung and you might need to have a new set of wheels for the holiday season. Either you need a 5-, 7- or 8-seater car, Ichinen Autos NZ has stock available that will cover your needs and help you with some ideas of which vehicle will be suitable for your next road tripping season. Not sure what to choose? Well, read this through and you can have a little bit of help.

Summer tends to be one of the favourite seasons for many people due to its sunny and warm days. It is the perfect time of the year to go to the beach, park, and enjoy the whole family and friends. Not to mention, it is stress-free, relaxing, and perfect to do outdoor activities which require long road trips.

Some people organize family road trips with a lot of months in advance such as vacation packages, places to go, accommodation fares, and find the perfect car to carry all the family members and friends. But choosing the vehicle can be difficult if you do not know them sometimes. Here are our top car suggestions for you:

1.      Toyota Alphard: This authentic model can be the perfect combination of elegance, comfort, and top-notch quality. No matter if you are on a short business or long-distance family trip, this car will go beyond your expectations. You can find three highly defined engine sizes 2,400cc, 2,500cc or 3,000cc, also, two fuel types to choose from hybrid or petrol. Moreover, the magnificent interior and exterior design, safety features & driving experience make this ideal for your relaxing time. It has 7 or 8 seats, some of them executive pilot seats & LED illuminating floor, a luxury car indeed. So, you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride.

2.      Toyota Estima: This useful model is ideal for 7 or 8 family members. The “egg-shape” car called by some people, has a light colour-trim interior which makes it look more spacious and bigger. It also has independent air conditioning for the rear passengers and an easy access for those who sit at the back of the car due to the sliding doors.

3.      Nissan Serena: This comfortable but not luxury vehicle brings you pleasant peace of mind as its name says so. It is the small and improved version of the Nissan Elgrand including the new pure Hybrid technology. Not to mention that there is plenty of space either for a bike or to have a ride with your Golden Retriever or German Shepherd once you split-fold and flip up the last row for them.

4.      Toyota Noah: It is a seven- or eight-seater people mover with a weight capacity between 1500kg- 1700kg. It is part of the Toyota minivan’s group with a large cargo area perfect for long distance family road trip. It tends to be a bit cheaper than similar models such as Toyota Voxy or Alphard, and has a different interior row distribution, two people in the middle row and three people at the last one. New shape models come with an engine push-start button, heated seats, cruise control, and power auto sliding doors that will reward you.

5.      Toyota Voxy: Power and impressive fuel efficiency are part of this minivan. Moreover, the sporty model version brings more elegance than the Toyota Noah but less style than the Alphard, it is the one in the middle. With a similar interior design as the Noah, the swivelling seats were made for an easy-in and out for everyone including children with the middle hall for them to play, always it is good to have a distraction inside the car though. Do not forget about the safety features, pre-crash alert and lane keep assistant are part of this people mover, technology has arrived in the Voxy huh!.

Yes, that is right a lot of options to study and think of for your next road trip this summer. But do not worry, we are here to help you with the right option that will cover your needs and wants. Check out our stock here https://www.ichinenautos.co.nz/category/135645 and give us a buzz.



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Posted: Friday 29 October 2021