The power of the automotive hybrid technology nowadays

The power of the automotive hybrid technology nowadays

Japan launched the first hybrid car in 1997, the famous Toyota Prius that has revolutionized the automotive industry since then. Same as other countries, New Zealand is part of the evolution and has brought different changes to this industry. So, hybrid cars can be considered the best-sellers nowadays.

Hence, these hybrid models, for instance, Toyota Corolla Fielder, Prius, Aqua, Prius Alpha, RAV4 or Honda Fit, are popular vehicles that are built to meet and satisfy the customer’s needs and wants. Whether you have a big family, or only you and your dog, these options will suit you.

It is also important for you to know a bit more about this technology before you look for your next new car. So, here are the types of hybrid cars that you will find at your preferred dealership:

Full Hybrid cars: These cars combine a conventional internal combustion engine with an electric propulsion system, so these vehicles can run with the combination of both systems or any of them. A good example of this is the traditional Toyota Prius which has been evolving and improving for more than 20 years. Find here a full description of our best-seller:

Mild Hybrid Cars: This type of hybridization works with a motor in a parallel hybrid system that allows the engine to turn off whenever the vehicles are braking. This is the case of the Suzuki Ignis which uses this technology to ensure fuel efficiency for its drivers.

Plug-in-Hybrid Cars: A Mitsubishi Outlander PHV is the perfect example of this type of car, they work with a hybrid electric system and a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into an electrical power source at any EV charging station or even better at your home. You only will need your own charging cable, also you will be rewarded to be part of the clean car program ongoing in NZ.

Wondering if buying a Hybrid car is worth it or not? Well, this question does not have a correct answer, the best car for you is the one that you choose and satisfy your needs and wants. But there are benefits that you will have if you purchase a hybrid vehicle,  please see them below:

- Fuel efficiency if you drive long distances and commute.

- Save money as it is less the fuel consumption. 

- Multiple power modes that improve the car performance.

- Do not need to worry about EV Charging stations as hybrid batteries charge up on their own while you are driving.

- The CO2 emission is less.

Do I need to charge my hybrid car?... Not at all, your car has two batteries, the normal battery for petrol or diesel engine and the hybrid battery. So, while you are driving the hybrid battery is charging by itself, so do no worry, you do not have to plug-in your car or pay more for your electricity bill. 

Visit our branches and drive away your new Hybrid car. 

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Posted: Thursday 19 August 2021